International Course: Principles of Biosafety

People responsible for biosafety and biorisk management in an organization have to cope with an increasing complexity and diversity of topics. This internationalĀ course provides a comprehensive review of all essential elements of risk assessment and risk management (Part 1) and highlights topics indispensable for biosafety practitioners to fulfil their tasks (Part 2).

| 11 September 17

22 Sep 2017

BCCM training: New developments in gene and plasmid technology

Scientific talks on:

  • "Plasmids for expression of recombinant proteins"
  • "Lentiviral gene delivery: a versatile and powerful tool in biomedical research"
  • "Genome editing: CRISPR/CAS and other concepts"
  • "Plasmids for in vivo (mouse) gene targeting"
  • "Genetic expression as a powerful tool for imagingā€œ