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Personalised Medicine - van lab naar patiënt

Door middel van Personalised medicines kunnen we geneesmiddelen afstemmen op de specifieke eigenschappen van de patiënt, en daarmee beloven we een betere en effectievere behandeling. HollandBIO is ervan overtuigd dat de oplossingen die het pad van lab naar patiënt effenen, de oplossingen zijn waar we op in moeten zetten. Dat zijn namelijk de oplossingen waarbij gezondheid, betaalbaarheid en innovatie hand in hand gaan. De praktijk is echter weerbarstig en leert dat er nog verschillende hurdles overwonnen moeten worden om de kansen van Personalised medicines ook daadwerkelijk te benutten. Deze bijeenkomst, georganiseerd door Quality by Design in samenwerking met HollandBIO, belicht naast de kansen ook de uitdagingen op de weg van lab naar patiënt.

Thematic Seminar | 23 November 2017

1 Dec 2017

De Clercq & Partners seminar 2017

This yearly seminar provides an excellent opportunity to become updated on the latest developments in IP, and to exchange experiences and information with others in your field.

14 Dec 2017

Seminar: How Real World Data will change your clinical development to the better

With today's technology, electronic data are coming from everywhere: social media, smart phones, activity trackers, electronic health records, insurance claim databases, patient registries, health surveys. This Real World Data (RWD) is having a huge impact on how clinical research is being carried out and we even have not seen the end of it.

23 Jan 2018


24 Jan 2018

QM Conference: Partnerships in Quality Management

You need a platform for all stakeholders involved in Clinical Quality Assurance? The QM Conference is designed to offer this to you: it will allow to share experience, get insights from seasoned experts and above all facilitate innovation in the way the different parties work together. The first edition of the conference has “Partnerships in Quality Management” as a theme.

21 Feb 2018


23 Feb 2018

Chemcys 2018

ChemCYS, the Chemistry Conference for Young Scientists, is an international, biennial conference, held in Blankenberge, Belgium and it aims to create a platform for young scientists (Master students, PhD students and post docs) to present early results of their research. We target a broad audience as the topics cover all major fields of chemistry and life sciences. ChemCYS is organised by the youth division of the Royal Flemish Chemical Society (Jong-KVCV), a professional organisation representing all chemists in Flanders.

8 Mar 2018

Applied Bioinformatics in Life Sciences (2nd edition)

As an integral part of biological research, the field of bioinformatics brings forth innovative computational approaches leading to high-impact results in an increasingly data-dense environment.

15 Mar 2018


16 Mar 2018

Laborama 2018

Laborama Expo is the all-encompassing trade fair for the laboratory sector in Belgium and Luxembourg. With more than 100 exhibitors, visitors will find not only companies that focus on analytical equipment, but suppliers of software, clean rooms, consumables, furniture, reagents, and more.